Dostępne kursy

The course deals with contemporary institutional and management issues in international banking. Students will learn, how international banking sector functions in the turbulent operating environment 

Much attention will be paid to the regulatory and policy problems of international banks. The recent banking and financial crisis will be discussed – its reasons and impact on international banking.

W trakcie kursu studenci zapoznają się z podstawowymi metodami analizy finansowej. Nabędą umiejętność analizy wstępnej sprawozdań finansowych oraz analizy wskaźnikowej.

The course shall provide students with the tools and terminology to explore and understand marketing practices in a global environment

Students will learn the scope and challenge of international marketing, the dynamic environment of international trade, the culture, political, legal, and business systems of global markets, the global market opportunities and finally, the ways to develop global marketing strategies.

The course will provide students with the up-to-date understanding of global issues, disciplines, competitions and the necessary skills in making strategic decisions considering a global perspective.

Students will acquire knowledge concerning relationship between environmental resources and services and economic development. Economic causes of environmental degradation and economic analysis of environmental problems will be discussed. Key issues in environmental policy will be shown, considering national, international and global dimension. After the course, students will be able to analyse environmental dimension of current economic issues.

The course concerns the role of corporate responsibility as a strategy to improve products, profits, and brand equity. The CSR concept will be shown and initiatives will be analysed. The policy measures supporting CSR will be discussed, including standardization and reporting.

After the course, the students shall:

- understand the concept of CSR and explain its elements,

-  be able to analyse CSR-related activities of companies and recommend specific measures for a particular organisation,

- critically think about business ethics and companies’ activities in this area

- understand the social and environmental responsibilities of an enterprise and analyses points of view of different stakeholders